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Sample Web Pages

For developers of chapter web sites

The following pages are simplified examples of the web pages used on the University of Illinois AAUP chapter web site. We encourage other chapters to use these web pages as a starting point for their own chapter web sites.

  • This downloadable zip archive contains all images, sample html files and style sheets:

Preparing Image Files

Note: The following instructions are superficial and assume familiarity with Photoshop. If you have no experience with Photoshop, you should consult someone who can show you the basics or who can prepare your images for you.

The images in the center column of the level two pages (e.g., Officers) are made with two layers: (1) the background photograph and (2) the left-hand corner overlay.

You can use the provided photoshop file image-prep.psd to add the corner layer to your own photos.

To prep one of your photos in this way, follow these steps.

Resizing your photo, and combining it with the corner image

To merge your photo with the corner image, do the following.

  1. Open your image in Photoshop and resize it to minimum
    w: 495 h: 118.
    (You can go over size on either dimension and adjust the fit during the next steps.)
  2. Open the file image-prep.psd.
  3. Make a new layer and paste your photo into it.
  4. Turn off or delete the old background layer.

The red corner image should now overlay your photo. Save the image-prep file under a new name.

Generating the JPG file

Now that you have the photo and the corner image together, save the combined images in a merged JPG file.

  1. Choose File > Save for Web
  2. Select JPG as the file format.
  3. Click Save.

You can now insert the new JPG image into your web pages in place of the sample images that are there now.

Suggestions on Web hosting

We suggest that you subscribe to an external hosting service for your web site. Third-party hosting is inexpensive - on the order of $5-$10/month. Examples are Dreamhost, ICDSoft, Yahoo Web hosting, etc.

Putting your site on a non-campus server protects it from possible conflicts if your chapter needs to confront your University. You are also likely to have fewer restrictions on how to manage files and author privileges


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