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11/9/16 UIUC Policy Committee Summary

    Present:  Abbas Aminmansour, Hadi Esfahani, Bettina Francis, Harry Hilton, Richard Laugesen, Walter McMahon, David O’Brien, Robert Parker, John Prussing, Leslie Struble, H. F. Williamson;  Guests:  Bruce Rosenstock, Bonnie Waschick

    The meeting began at about 12:05 p.m. with Harry Hilton presiding.

    1. Review of the Minutes for October 12, 2016 Meeting of Policy Committee.  The minutes were approved. 
    2. President’s ReportHilton went over his November 9, 2016 report, most of which was discussed in detail later in the meeting. 
    3. Review of remaining fall schedule of meetings: As outlined in the agenda, the remaining meetings are:
      1. Special Meeting for voting members of the Policy Committee with President Killeen.
        • Wednesday, December 7:  11 a.m., special meeting, 217 Illini Union
      2. Regular Meetings of Policy Committee:
        • Wednesday, December 7: noon, regular meeting, 213 Illini Union
    4. Final Approval of spring schedule of regular Policy Committee meetings.  The proposed schedule for the spring was approved.  The meetings will be:  January 18; February 15; March 15; April 5; and April 26.  [NOTE:  The Annual Meeting would be May 9 if held on the Tuesday of final examination week.]
    5. Preparation for Dec. 7 Meeting for voting members of Policy Committee with President Killeen in 217 Illini Union.  The proposed agenda for the meeting was part of the packet.  Anyone with suggestions for additions was asked to contact Hilton or Williamson.  Hilton noted that one topic that could arise would be the legislative proposal that the President is considering as outlined in the November 9 MassMail from Vice President Wilson.
    6. Meetings with Campus Administrators.  Chancellor Jones and Provost Feser will meet with the voting members of the Policy Committee at 11 a.m. on January 23.  [NOTE:  The meeting will take place in 213 Illini Union.]  Hilton will be working with Vice President Wilson to arrange a date for her to visit with the Policy Committee later in the spring semester.
    7. Chapter Workshop on AAUP Censure.:  The Workshop has been moved to Tuesday, December 6 at 3:30 p.m. in 104 Illini Union with David O’Brien as the speaker.The poster for the workshop was part of the packet.  O’Brien stressed that our members should be made aware of the importance of attending this meeting to provide their input on this issue.  These responses will be part of the preparation by the campus for the visit from the National Office.  Hilton, O’Brien, and Aminmansour in particular noted that we need to play a major role in the planning of that visit. 
    8. Report on Activities of the Shared Governance Committee.  Esfahani discussed the next steps regarding the survey.  There was general agreement about how well the Committee had done in preparing this document.  Parker provided suggestions for revising a number of the questions to clarify what was being asked in each one.  Esfahani will prepare a revised draft for review and for Hilton to forward to the Provost.
    9. Co-sponsorship of the Film “Starving the Beast” at the Art Theater on December 1.  .  The sponsorship is in place and the poster being prepared.  O’Brien will have material on the AAUP to distribute at the Theater that evening. 
    10. Discussion of the usage of Trigger Warnings.
      1. Presentation.  Bonnie Washick, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Departments of Political Science and Gender and Women’s Studies, made a thorough presentation on the nature of and usage of trigger warnings in various settings.  She was able to answer a number of the questions that the Committee members had about this issue.
      2. Resolution on Use of “Trigger Warnings.”  Struble and Prussing presented a revised version of the resolution first reviewed in October.  After some discussion, a motion was made by Francis, seconded by Laugesen, and passed not to act on the resolution at this time.

    As noted above, the meeting next month will be December 7, 2016 in 213 Illini Union following the meeting with President Killeen at 11 a.m. in 217 Illini Union.

    The meeting adjourned at about 1:20 p.m.

    Prepared by H. Williamson, Secretary