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11/7/2016 President’s Report

    • DATE: November 7, 2016
    • TO: Policy Committee
    • FROM: Harry Hilton, UIUC AAUP Chapter President
    • RE: President’s Monthly Report to Policy Committee (10/11 – 11/7, 2016)
    1. Removal from AAUP censure list and communication with national AAUP: Anita Levy sent an email to Bruce Rosenstock with copy to me inquiring about conditions at UIUC. I replied updating her on the status of statute changes and indicating that such communications should be addressed directly to me and my successors. Bruce independently also admonish her and I thank him for his support. The National AAUP Visiting Committee will be on campus in the Spring 2017, as approved by Committee A last week.
    2. Open chapter meeting: This meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, December 6, 2016, at 3:30 – 5 pm in 210 Illini Union (General Lounge). Topic: AAUP censure. David O’Brien will be the sole panelist and lead the discussion on what led to censure and what needs to be done for removal.
    3. Background checks: Nothing new
    4. Meeting with Bonnie Washick: John Prussing and I met with Bonnie on October 24, 1016, and discussed her participation in AAUP events. She will tell you more at the November 9, Policy Meeting. She also indicated that she had not yet agreed to do the seminar next spring. See Item 5b.
    5. Co-sponsorship of AAUP events with CFA and possibly other organizations: David O’Brien and I have been asked by Bruce Rosenstock for co-sponsorship of the following two events
      1. A film at the Art Theater in Champaign. The CFA is bringing the film “Starving the Beast” to the Art Theater (Champaign) on Dec. 1. This film, by James Carville, “examines the on-going power struggle on college campuses across the nation as political and market-oriented forces push to disrupt and reform America’s public universities.” Click on this link to learn more about the film: Starving the Beast. The chapter has agreed to co-sponsor the event and cover costs up to $150. Bruce is preparing the poster.
      2. A possible lecture by postdoctoral fellow in Political Science and Gender and Women’s Studies Bonnie Washick. Her topic for the talk would be trigger warnings. See Item 4.
    6. Chancellor Jones and VP Wilson: The new chancellor and Provost Feser have agreed to meet with the Policy Committee on January 23, 2017, at 11 am. I am working with Barbara Wilson to arrange for a date for her visit with the PC.
    7. Tenure workshop: The provost and associate provost have agreed to participate in the workshop on April 14, 2017, 3:30 – 5 pm, 210 IU. I am arranging for two more panelists.
    8. Steve Kaufman and Lou Wozniak: Nothing new to report