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Concerning the Suspension of Daily Illini Editors, February 2006

The following statement was issued by the Policy Committee of the UIUC Chapter of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP). Since its founding in 1915, the AAUP has been the nation’s leading organization in defense of academic freedom and in support of freedom of expression in American colleges and universities.

Concerning the Rehiring of Retired Faculty, July 2006

The UIUC Board of Trustee policies for rehiring retirees, as implemented by President White beginning Summer 2005, was of significant concern to many. Under this “pre-approval” practice, the BOT formally reviewed and approved virtually all new appointments and reappointments of UI retirees before the person’s employment was to begin, a “hands-on” approach by the board that seemed unwieldy and in conflict with the President’s authority to make “day to day” non-faculty hiring decisions as described in the University Statutes.