The Capital Campaign

The AAUP is in the midst of its first ever capital campaign. With increasing
demands to defend academic freedom and shared governance, the national office needs more resources and a more stable financial base. Realizing that our members are our most likely donors--but realizing as well that reaching our goal of a 10 million dollar endowment fund will not be easy--we've asked people to donate a minimum of $1,000, all of it, of course, fully deductible as a charitable contribution. That's more money than most academics have ever donated to anything, but over a score of our Illinois colleagues have generously done so. Some have written a $1,000 check or made a $1,000 credit card payment. Others have made four annual payments of $250. And some have chosen to make 48 monthly credit card payments of $20.83 each. Academic freedom is not free. Meanwhile, campus power is beginning to flow back to central administrations, and shared governance is weakened on many campuses. Here is the list of Champaign-Urbana colleagues who have responded to this challenge with donations of $1,000 or more to date:

Ken Anderson
Linn Belford
Geneva Belford
Martin Camargo
Leon Chai
Matthew Finkin
Clyde Forrest
Peter Garrett
Lauren Goodlad
Debra Hawhee
Harry Hilton
Lewis Hopkins
Richard Jerrard
Walt McMahon
Peter Mortensen
Carol Neely
Cary Nelson ($5,000)
Timothy Newcomb
Arthur Robinson ($4,000)
William Schroeder
Robert Spitze
Victor Stone
Paula Treichler
Don Uchtmann
Angie Valdivia and Cameron McCarthy
Bill Williamson

Read about the Capital Campaign on the national AAUP web site