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10/3/19 UIUC Policy Committee Summary

    Present:  Bettina Francis, Richard Laugesen, David O’Brien, Robert Parker, John Prussing, Bruce Rosenstock, Daniel Steward, H. F. Williamson

    The meeting began at about 12:33 p.m. with O’Brien presiding.

    1. Review of the Minutes for September 5, 2019 Meeting of Policy Committee.  The minutes were approved.
    2. President’s Report.  O’Brien circulated his monthly report.  The two principal issues were the plans for recruiting new members and the issues raised by SP.17.12 being reviewed by the campus Senate.  These and the other issues in the report were discussed during the meeting.
    3. Actions Regarding SP.17.12.  O’Brien reviewed the actions being taken by the Senate’s USSP Committee regarding revising the Statutes to protect academic freedom for faculty and staff vulnerable under the Garcetti case to losing first amendment protection when speaking in their “official” capacities.  The basis for the discussion was a memorandum by Matthew Finkin, Chair of CAFT, to Shawn Gilmore, Chair of USSP on this issue.  O’Brien agreed to prepare a memorandum for the membership on what we feel should be done regarding the proposal.  This will include review of the position of the national AAUP on this issue.  Rosenstock would be willing to read it to the Senate as part of the discussion of SP.17.12 at the next Senate meeting.
    4. Shared Governance Questionnaire.  O’Brien reported that the questionnaire had been mailed.  The discussion included procedures for assuring confidentiality and how to process the returned questionnaires most efficiently.
    5.  Composition of the Policy Committee
      • O’Brien reviewed which members from the 2018-2019 Committee who were continuing or who had asked to withdraw and noted whom he was considering inviting to join the Committee for 2019-2020.  One individual in particular was proposed and approved by the Policy Committee.  If he accepts the position, he will be invited to attend the November meeting.
      • There also was a discussion of the policy for selecting new members.  It was agreed that we follow the policy of presenting possible new members for a review by the Policy Committee meeting.  If the individual is approved, the President will invite the individual to be a member.  If the individual accepts, he or she will be invited to attend the next meeting of the Committee.
      •  O’Brien invited all the current members to suggest individuals who could be proposed as new members.  He also noted that we might invite possible new members to attend current Policy Committee meetings. It was also agreed that we consider policies regarding membership requirements for those on the Policy Committee as a future agenda item. 
    6. Discussion of Invitation to Administrators to Meet with the Policy Committee.  It was agreed to the first individual we would invite would be Chancellor Jones.  O’Brien will also ask about the possibility of meeting with some of the Trustees this fall. 
    7. Review of fall schedule of Policy Committee meetings at 12:30 p.m. in 217 Illini Union:
      • Thursday, November 7 (1st Thursday).
      • Thursday, December 12 (2nd Thursday); Reading Day is also December 12
    8. Approval of spring schedule of regular Policy Committee meetings.  The following schedule based on the procedures adopted last spring of meeting at 12;30 p.m. on Thursday was proposed and approved. 
      • January 23 (third Thursday; instruction begins Jan. 21; King Holiday is Jan. 20)
      • February 20 (third Thursday)
      • March 12 (second Thursdays) (spring vacation starts March 14)
      • April 16 (third Thursday)
      • May 7 (first Thursday, Reading Day)
      • NOTE:  May 12 is the Tuesday of final examination week, the date of recent Annual Meetings.
    9. Membership Campaign.  The discussion begun at the September meeting was continued based on the bullet point summary President’s Report.One starting point was a roster showing the Chapter membership in 2008 with notation on which individuals were still members in 2019.  The ideas reviewed for possible immediate action included (a) contacting the attendees at previous AAUP public events such as the Tenure Workshop and the Annual Meeting; (b) having each member agree to contact two people they know well about joining the AAUP: and (c) considering holding a public meeting that would attract many faculty whom we could recruit.  We were also informed that dues for retirees are based on their annual academic income which will be zero in most cases.  Thus, their annual dues would only be $64 for the lowest income band (incomes of $30,000 or less). 

    There were no other reports so the meeting adjourned at about 1:40 p.m.  As noted above, the next Policy Committee meeting will be at 12:30 p.m. on Thursday, November 7, 2019 in 217 Illini Union.