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3/14/19 UIUC Policy Committee Summary

    Present:  Bettina Francis, Harry Hilton, Richard Laugesen, Walter McMahon, John Prussing, Bruce Rosenstock, H. F. Williamson

    The meeting began at about 12:34 p.m. with Hilton presiding.

    1. Review of the Minutes for February 14, 2019 Meeting of Policy Committee.  The minutes were approved.
    2. President’s ReportHilton discussed his report briefly.He also reported on the morning meeting with two members of the Board of Trustees, Don Edwards and Jill Smart.
    3. Review of schedule of meetings for spring semester.  The typos in the agenda were corrected.  The schedule for the rest of the spring is:
      • Regular Meetings of Policy Committee: 12:30 p.m.:  Thursday, April 11; and Thursday, May 2 in 217 Illini Union
      • Special Meeting for voting members of the Policy Committee with Chancellor Jones:  11 a.m., Thursday, April 11, 2019, 217 Illini Union
      • P&T Workshop:  3:00 p.m., Tuesday, March 26, 2019 in 314B Illini Union
      • Annual Meeting:  3:00 p.m., Thursday, April 25, 2019 in 314B Illini Union
    4. Preparation for Meeting with Chancellor Jones
      • Date, Time, and Location:  Thursday, April 11, 2019 at 11 a.m. in 217 Illini Union
      • Review of Agenda.  The draft agenda was reviewed and revisions made based agendas from the meeting with Chancellor Jones last spring and with President Killeen earlier this spring.  The revised draft will be circulated for review.
    5. Planning for the Spring Tenure Workshop
      1. Date, Time, and Location:  Tuesday, March 26, 2019at 3:00 314B Illini Union
      2. Speakers.  Hilton has arranged for Provost Cangellaris, Vice Provost William Bernhard, Professor Amy Ando representing the Campus P&T Committee, and Professor Carol Tiley representing the FAC to be panelists.
      3. Publicity:  A notice will be in EWeek on March 17.  Members of the Policy Committee have been working with campus and department level administrators to help circulate the poster.
      4. Handouts:  The attendees will get copies of the various AAUP membership documents.
    6. Preparation for Annual Meeting
      1. Date, Time, and Location.  :  Thursday, April 25, 2019 at 3 p.m. in 314A Illini Union. As noted above, the Annual Meeting will be at 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 8 in 314B Illini Union
      2. Preparation of the Program.  Rosenstock reported on his work to prepare the program and whom he thought would be the appropriate speakers.  It will be based on the work of the campus sexual harassment committee on which he serves.  The final proposal will be prepared for the next Policy Committee meeting. 
    7. Report from Nominating Committee.  Williamson reported on the behalf of Chair Prussing that the nominations for 2019-2020 would be David O’Brien for President, Rick Laugesen for Vice President, and H. F. Williamson for Secretary-Treasurer.
    8. Planning of Annual AAUP Meeting in Washington, D.C.  There was discussion of the value for our chapter of attending the meeting.  There was agreement that the past procedure of providing significant financial support for an attendee was probably not appropriate.  Instead, the members of the Policy Committee would be asked if any would be interested in attending the meeting with some support from the Chapter.
    9. Reports on the Activities of Shared Governance Committee.  Hilton reported that the distribution had been held up until possible privacy issues had been handled.  Rosenstock and McMahon led a discussion on what we are planning to do when we have the results.
    10. Membership.  Laugesen reported on his first visits as part of the membership campaign.

    There were no other reports so the meeting adjourned at about 1:35 p.m.  As noted above, the next meeting will be on Thursday, April 11, 2019 in 217 Illini Union following the earlier meeting with Chancellor Jones.