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12/5/11 UIUC Policy Committee Summary

    Present:  Abbas Aminmansour, Kenneth Andersen, Bettina Francis, Connie Caveny, Harry Hilton, Lewis Hopkins, Walter McMahon, John Prussing, Arthur Robinson, Robert Spitze, Leslie Struble, Donald Uchtmann, H. F. Williamson.

    The meeting began at about 12:200 p.m. with John Prussing presiding. 

    President’s Report

    1. Review of the Minutes for November 7, 2011.  The minutes for the November 7, 2011 meeting were approved.
    2. Schedule of Meetings
      • Fall Semester:   Information Meeting with CFA Leaders:  December 8 at 4 p.m.  As was noted in the agenda, the meeting has been moved from 209 to 217 Illini Union.  Williamson will send out a reminder of the meeting with the information about the change of room.
      • Spring 2012 Semester.  The Policy Committee will meet in 211 Illini Union on Tuesday, January, 17; Monday, February 13; Monday April 9; and Monday April 30.  We ware still considering options for the March meeting tentatively scheduled for Monday, March 12 since the Union is closed for construction.   The Annual Meeting is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, May 8, 2012. 
    3. Review of Earlier Meetings:
      • December 1 Presentation by Howard Bunsis.  Prussing reported that Bunsis made an effective presentation which included a number of references to the role collective bargaining.  Based on his analysis, he feels that the University’s financial position is not as bad as many have thought.  Prussing will circulate the handouts that were provided at the meeting.  He is interested in finding out more about the statement that “As of August 2011, AFT/AAUP have rented an office in Champaign, have assigned six staff members to help our drive, and have been meeting with the Organizing Committee weekly.”
      • December 5 Meeting with Chancellor Wise.  There was agreement that the meeting had gone well.  Prussing will send the Chancellor a thank you note.
    4. Review of Policy Committee 2011-2012 Roster.  There were a few minor corrections in the roster:  Aminmansour’s MC code is 620; Hopkins’s alternative email address is; and the date should be 2011-2012.

    Action Items

    1. Future Meetings with Campus and University Administrators.  In addition to the individuals suggested at previous meetings such asAIT Associate Vice President Michael Hites and/or Chief Privacy and Security Officer Michael Corn; Charles Evans, Director of University Outreach and Public Service and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs; and Katherine Laing, Prussing will check on inviting the Vice President for Academic Affairs.  Perhaps the first person we will invite will be Matt Wheeler, Chair of the Senate Executive Committee.  There are a number of issues (e.g., the Academy, the operation of the Senate) which would be addressed at such a meeting.
    2. Plans for Spring Tenure Workshop.  Hilton expects to learn shortly about the schedules for Barbara Wilson and Richard Wheeler so that a day can be chosen.
    3. Status of ACLGF.  There was concern that the role of the Chancellor with regard to the Academy be more clearly understood. 
    4. Discussion of Actions by the Senate.  The ways that could be suggested for improving the transition to a new leadership and staff were discussed.
    5. Role of AAUP on Campus.  Struble noted the importance of determining and making clear our position on Collective Bargaining.  The discussion of our point of view should be a major topic of our meetings during the spring and could be the focus of our annual meeting in May.