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10/11/10 UIUC Policy Committee Summary

    Present:  Kenneth Andersen, Geneva Belford, Linn Belford, Bettina Francis, Harry Hilton, Lewis Hopkins, Walter McMahon, John Prussing, Robert Spitze, H. F. Williamson.

    The meeting began at about 12:10 p.m. with John Prussing presiding. 

    President’s Report

    1. Review of the Minutes for September 13, 2010 Meeting of Policy Committee.  These were approved.
    2. Review of Roster for Policy Committee.  There was one typographic error (Spitze’s apartment is #1102).
    3. Review of fall schedule of meetings.  Prussing went over the schedule listed in the agenda for our next two meetings.  We will meet at 11 a.m. in 215 Illini Union with President Emeritus Ikenberry on November 8 and President Hogan on December 6.  The meeting of the Policy Committee will follow at noon in 211 Illini Union.

    Action Items

    1. Preparation for Meetings with Presidents Ikenberry and Hogan.  Prussing led a wide-ranging discussion of the issues that we might discuss with each individual.  These included (a) the role of the Foundation in general and the Academy on Capitalism and Limited Government Fund in particular; (b) the proposed reorganization of the University; and (c) processes that should be followed when restructuring or cutting programs on campus.  One outgrowth of the discussion was consideration of white papers that might be prepared on relevant topics.  These could include (with possible authors) restructuring (Hopkins, Struble); financing the University (McMahon); and tenure issues (Hilton).  The latter could be part of the packet we hand out at the tenure workshop in the spring.
    2. Discussion of Actions by the Senate and the Senate Executive Committee:
      • SEC Resolution on ACLGF.  This passed and is being sent to the President and the Board of Trustees.
      • Status of report on Howell case.  This was not yet available.  Andersen and Hilton noted what they had discussed at the State meeting and prepared for the State Newsletter.
      • AFT Report on Wozniak Case.  The report indicated that proper procedures had not been followed in this situation.
    3. Discussion of Revised Charge for the Chapter Committee on Shared Governance.  It was voted to call this the Committee on Shared University Governance.  Prussing will work with Hopkins to establish the membership.
    4. Spring Tenure Workshop.  Hilton will set up the date as soon as he has the schedules from the key participants.


    1. Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee Reports.  Robinson reported that they are working with the Chancellor’s office on an issue in one College.