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4/7/08 UIUC AUUP Policy Committee Summary

    Present:  Abbas Aminmansour, Geneva Belford, Linn Belford, Connie Caveny, Bettina Francis, Walter McMahon, John Prussing, Robert Spitze, Leslie Struble, Donald Uchtmann, H. F. Williamson

    The meeting began at about 12:15 p.m. with Donald Uchtmann presiding.

    President’s Report

    1. Review of the Minutes and the Summary Report for Meeting March 10, 2008.  These documents were approved.
    2. Schedule of Meetings for Summer and Fall.  It was agreed to hold a meeting on June 9, 2008 and that the meetings in the fall would be September 8, October 6, November 10, and December 8,

    Action Items

    1. Report on Promotion and Tenure Workshop.  Uchtmann reported that he felt that the workshop had gone well.  He sent thank you notes to all the panelists and to Harry Hilton.  It was moved and approved to plan to hold annual workshops starting in the spring of 2009.  If possible, a different day of the week should be chosen. 
    2. Preparations for Chapter’s Annual Meeting on May 6 in 405 Illini Union.  IUB
      • Agenda.  We are planning a social period from 3:30 to 4 p.m. and the meeting from 4 to 5 p.m.  The suggested speakers will be Cary Nelson to report on the national AAUP and Ken Andersen to report on the state AAUP and the situation in Springfield
      • Refreshments.  Hilton will be asked to work on the catering.
    3. Preparation of Chapter’s Standing Rules.  A slightly revised copy of Andersen’s March draft was part of the packet for the meeting.  Spitze wanted to be sure that the procedures for establishing and revising the rules be included in the statement.  The By-Laws indicate that “The policy Committee will establish the Chapter’s standing rules.”  (Section VI, A). 


    1. Academy on Capitalism and Limited Government Fund.  It was noted that this item was discussed at the last Senate meeting.  There was concern about how much information was being provided to the members of the Senate committee chaired by Thomas Ulen that is reviewing this issue.  It was noted that Chancellor Herman was committed to bringing the final draft of the Memorandum of Agreement to the Senate for review.  McMahon and Spitze led a discussion of the importance of handling this crucial academic freedom issue correctly.
    2. Global Campus Initiative.  Aminmansour summarized the discussion of this issue at the recent Board of Trustees meeting.  There was general agreement that it is too early to judge the success of the initiative based on enrollments.  President White is on record saying that the September enrollments will be the key benchmark for the initial success of the program.
    3. National Meeting.  Uchtmann noted that Andersen and Prussing are possible delegates from the Chapter.  (Andersen will also be a delegate from the Conference.)  Nelson will be attending, of course, and be a delegate from the Chapter as well.  Uchtmann asked that any other individual interested in attending to contact him.  At the next Policy Committee meeting we will elect our delegates so that we can prepare the documents designating this fact.  We will also consider the financial support to be provided. 
    4. National Election.  There was a general discussion of how we could provide the Chapter members with information about the election and the concerns we feel that the National AAUP is facing.  It was agreed to send a memorandum to the members reminding them of the importance of the election and to vote.
    5. Invitations to Campus Administrators to meet with Policy Committee in future.  G. Belford suggested that given the fall schedule was approved, we could be more active in determining whom we would invite to join us.  Uchtmann agreed and will be starting this process soon.
    6. Government Relations.  McMahon reminded us that this Wednesday (April 9) was Higher Education Lobbying Day.  President White has arranged for buses to transport students and staff to Springfield.  McMahon noted his concern about how bad the budget situation promised to be this year.